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EW.Combo.2 - 1.0-2

4.19/5 (511 votes).

EW.Combo.2 (for InfoStats 2)

Contains: 1 LS + 1 SB (2 versions. No iWidgets version as of this moment. If ppl request this to be made, it'll be added in updates.)

If you're on iOS10, it is recommended that you use the FrontPage version (see separate package).

LS widget: Installed to the LockHTML directory. Apply with Xen HTML or LockHTML(3/4).

  - Default HTML uses weather code - compatible with all iOS10.

  - Alt HTML that uses InfoStats 2 is available for iOS9 or lower.

HS widget: Installed to SBHTML directory. Apply with Xen HTML.

Ver 1 - Full

  - Press "WTHR" to show weather info

  - Press "SYSTM" to show details of battery & RAM info

  - Press "MUSIC" (and "HIDE") to toggle & fade music player respectively

Ver 2 - Lite

  - No "SYSTM" view, other things remain the same

If you run into problems or have questions, you can find me on twitter (@ev_ynw), or drop me an email at (Give me basic info, e.g. phone, iOS, widget number, and screenshots if any.)

Thanks for the support.


Ver 1.0-2: Fixed battery drain for default HTML of SB ver. 1 (best that I could do)