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EW.WdgtPack.7 - 1.2

4.07/5 (405 votes).


Currently: 4 LS + 4 HS widgets

LS widgets: Installed to the LockHTML directory. Apply with Xen HTML, LockHTML(3/4) or GroovyLock. Most comes with notification support. Please refer to txt file or this pinned tweet for instructions on this.

HS widgets: Installed to both iWidgets & SBHTML directory. Please delete unnecessary files.

Requires InfoStats 2 for battery data to show.

IS2 for weather as default, weather code as fallback.


- LS2: Alt css available for inverted colours.

- iW1: Click calendar to open the drawer of your choice. Option to have a black bottom bar.

- SB1: Click the bottom clock to open drawer. Option to have a black bottom bar.

If you run into problems or have questions, you can find me on twitter (@ev_ynw), or drop me an email at (Give me basic info, e.g. phone, iOS, widget number, and screenshots if any.)

Thanks for the support!


Ver 1.2:

- Added SB3 & iW3 as final update

Ver 1.1:

- Added iWidgets version of LS4

Ver 1.0-1:

- Added Config.js to SB1

- Fixed misalignment of clock & battery % of LS3